Monday, November 19, 2007

A Few Fall Projects

I've actually done several little home-decorating projects in the last few weeks, but I just haven't had time (or motivation, etc.) to post pictures of them. So, here goes:

1) Three-dollar throw pillow:

1 placemat on clearance at Target

plus one bag of stuffing, equals:

2) Part of my dining room, including the lovely crystal vase I received as a b-day present:

3) A fall wreath made for only 66 cents! (I found the leaves on sale for 15-cents a bunch at Walmart and I had plenty of wire hangers at home.)

3) And finally, pictures of my newly-painted bedroom

The before:

And the after-painting-but-not-yet-finished:

When I get the pictures and the curtains hung, I'll post actual "finished" pictures. : )

And, in addition to these projects, I've also baked my first pumpkin pie and started on my first pair of knitted socks! ; ) (one morepic--of the first sock--below)


Katie said...

Look at you and your beautiful domesticity! I'm very impressed, love. :)

Kyleen said...

I, like Katie, am also impressed by your budget-friendly domesticity. Love the blue of the bedroom (and the chandelier!). Can't wait to see those socks!!