Thursday, December 27, 2007

Recipe for a Happier Girl


10 hours of distance from daily stresses

3 days with family

2 sisters of silliness

800 presents

1 trip to the Mud Hut to paint pottery

1 cardboard castle

1 pizza-making brother

1 furry kitty cat

and 1 adorable niece.

Shake well, top with old friends and homemade sugar cookie icing, and serve with sparkling cider.

It's wonderful to be home.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Contemplating Stilettos as Weapons of Mass Destruction...

So, I'm at work now...but this is a good time to link to more pics because I'm fairly angry and need a welcome distraction. But first, a short venting about my stupid job:

a) Everyone else's jobs are SO much more important than mine that when either of my coworkers is gone, I have to do their work instead of mine. So I've only been at my desk 2 days this week. Yet despite the supposed expendability of my work, the boss is still unhappy with me for not having completed parts of it because (did I not say this already?) I'VE BEEN DOING OTHER PPL'S WORK ALL WEEK, LIKE I WAS INSTRUCTED TO DO!!!

b) My office (which has been only mine for over a year) is now going to be shared with an 80-something named Joe, who is supposedly helping organize our office. He'll use my office every Friday while I'm at Marcia's desk (b/c she gets every Friday off, but her work still has to be me).

c) Not only is this degradation to take place every Friday starting today, but my boss couldn't even be bothered to TELL me this was going to happen. I'd heard rumors from other coworkers, and then Joe just showed up and went in there this morning. Never a word from my boss.

After Joe-the-Usurper left this afternoon, I said to my boss: Um, thanks for letting me know my office was to be his office from now on.
Boss: What? Did you think you have an exclusive claim over it or something?
Bethany: No, I just thought I could have been told that it was gonna happen.
Boss: Well, fine. It's gonna happen.
Bethany: Thanks.

d) Also, today while I was on my "lunch break," I had to run from one end of the bldg to the other (in heels) to answer the phone 4 (four!) times because apparently having a Y-chromosome makes the THREE men NOT at lunch exempt from such a duty. Even when it's usually a call for one of them.

e) Apparently the Y-chrom. also renders them incapable of printing out a word document, and of creating a new user account on our website. Also tasks I was called away from lunch to do, without any sort of apology for the interruption. There's nothing like already-microwaved, leftover-to-begin-with french-fries which have gotten cold again. Mmm.... :(

I have to be honest, by the 6th interruption, as I sprinted past 3 offices of males somehow incapable of answering that phone, I was secretly kinda hoping one of them would suddenly trip and fall into the hallway so I could slam one of my sprinting stilettos down on him and claim it was an accident. I know it sounds mean, but I was just so frustrated. And all of these things happened after I asked for prayer on Monday night about my attitude at work. Needless to say, I'm not doing too well on that front...

Anywho, yay for (those people lucky enough to have) happy weddings....and for the ease of sharing digital images of them. ; ) Click on the link below to see them.

Jonathan's Wedding

Sunday, December 2, 2007


There will be more later, but here's a tiny glimpse of my weekend: